“I don’t want a faith that wordsmiths my truth, that asks why it’s necessary to use the words that best describe my experience as a queer person. I don’t need help finding alternative words that might go over better with strangers. I need my siblings in faith to notice their discomfort in hearing about my experiences, and use it as a catalyst to action rather than as a way to cement their own comfort.”
-Chris Rothbauer

How have you used your own discomfort as a catalyst to action?


The practice of gratitude is one that connects us to something important. We do this daily to remind ourselves of the grace–the unearned blessing–that surrounds us.

What are you grateful for today?


“This is a prayer for all the travelers.
For the ones who start out in beauty,
who fall from grace,
who step gingerly,
looking for the way back.
And for those who are born into the margins,
who travel from one liminal space to another,
crossing boundaries in search of center.”
-Angela Herrera

What are the boundaries you need to explore to find what is within you today?


Finding a physical center is an important part of many peoples’ spiritual journeys. Though our bodies have different ways of feeling comfort and of moving in the world, we can all use our bodies to connect with something greater than ourselves.

Take a few moments just to sit today–to center yourself in your body and feel your connection to the planet.

Deep Wisdom

“We speak to the god, the goddess, the spirit of life, the eternal.
We speak to the mysterious thread that connects us one to the other and to the universe.
We speak to the deep wisdom at the center of our beings.
We embody the yearning of all people.”
-Susan Manker-Seale

What is the deep wisdom at the center of your being? Take a moment to listen to it.