A Space to Meet

The first step of building community is opening a space where people can connect, whether that be in a book group at the library, in a work meeting or in an online chat or Facebook group.

What sorts of spaces make it easy for you to connect?

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6 responses to “A Space to Meet

  1. For me, the most important thing is that it not be too noisy. And I do better in smaller groups, such as 4-6 people at someone’s home or a l0w-energy restaurant.

  2. I just returned from a songwriting workshop at Highlander Center in Tennessee. Normally Highlander is used for training for civil rights, labor unions, and economic and environmental justice. The main meeting room is round, with traditional Appalachian wooden rocking chairs always placed in a circle. Everyone can see and hear; everyone is equal, and the chairs are just different enough that everyone can find a comfortable one. Highlander is out in the country, a peaceful place with beautiful views and a caring staff. It is the perfect place for finding creative solutions and giving people courage and energy to continue working.

  3. Maggie

    My church is centrally located (downtown in the major city/county seat of the area) with a decent amount of parking. During the week, various groups from the community not directly affiliated with the church use the church as a space to meet. Musical ensembles including the large Worcester Chorus and smaller chamber ensembles use the upper hall and sanctuary to rehearse and perform. A yoga group uses the upper hall, and a meditation group uses the little chapel. Worcester Pride holds their spaghetti supper fundraiser there. When there used to be a “First Night” New Year’s Eve celebration in town, several performances would be in the sanctuary. There’s a folk music coffee house in the upstairs hall on a weekly basis.
    I think the church is used for so much besides church because not only does it have great facilities, but it is in a prominent, easy to find location. Once you go there, it’s easy to come back. And the church strives to have a close relationship with the community.

    • patt behler

      perfect use of a :”church” within a community! Souds like something we can aspire for as we grow somewhat larger…we’re not there yet!

  4. patt behler

    I have recently found that one place where I can rather easily connect with another in conversation is when I’m being transported in a mobility cart during transfer to another fight at an airport! I initiate a conversation about the person’s interest in the location, the city, their interests and studies(perhaps) and aspirations (one young man is choosing to be self employed in laying tile as a private worker: good luck!) but I congratulated him on being on the lookout for an opportunity instead of sitting around doing nothing. They don’t have much opportunity to use social media when they are transporting me and we have often had very cordial conversations.

    • What a great idea. I think we should all follow your example and look for times and places where we can have real conversations. There are too few of them nowadays, in my opinion.


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