The Lap of Luxury

Everyone has their own version of what the lap of luxury would look like—that unattainable place where all your material wishes were granted. Sure, we know that those luxuries aren’t the source of lasting happiness, but who doesn’t have a fantasy?

What luxury do you imagine you would love to have?

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4 responses to “The Lap of Luxury

  1. Affordable healthcare.

    • Maggie

      A pool. My house sits on a postage-stamp lot, so it’s not feasible.
      A little vacation home in the Berkshires, preferably within walking distance of one of my favorite museums, Mass MoCA. A trailer would be fine. Just a place to call my own in the mountains.
      New, efficient washer and dryer on the ground floor of my house instead of old energy- and water-hogging machines in the cellar, where the ceiling is so low that my tall husband bonks his head on the beams on a regular basis.

    • Maggie

      Sue, it’s tragic and immoral that we can consider healthcare a luxury. I pray for the day when it’s seen as the right it is.

  2. Patricia Behler

    This is a personal choice that I never thought of before! I could certainly use a personal secretary to whom I could pass along correspondence, package wrapping and mailing, messages of other sorts, an up to date calendar of events, bills payments on time, letters and other ways to express condolence…well, the list is expanding as I write.. it would be a luxury for me and help to simplify my life. I know…perhaps some are saying? Why don’t you do it yourself? ?????


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