Holding Hands

Sometimes the simple feeling of someone’s hand in ours, or a friendly hug or pat on the back, is enough to give us the strength to go out in the world.

When has human touch given your strength or courage?

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3 responses to “Holding Hands

  1. Patricia Behler

    Answering this question is answered, for me, with the illustration of the two small children confidently holding hands while crossing a bridge. It is during my lifetime that I am able to see this happen so many days when I am out in the community usually driving and seeing the after- school crowd going home. Not only are black and white walking the way together, they are animatedly talking, just as good friends do. My hope is, that through the turmoil that still accentuates the fact that we must keep progressing toward the solutions, getting to know all of the races of the world as friends will accomplish a big part of the problem to find peace among ourselves.

  2. Patricia Behler

    The illustration depicts what I have observed and have been joyous about during my lifetime. Many times in the afternoons if I am out driving, I see the after-school crowd walking home, with black and white companions waking together, obviously enjoying each other’s company as friends. This was not the case when I was in school 60 years ago. As w we learn to honor each other, from different cultures, background and race, I see the possibility that sometime we will become friends with each other as citizens of the world.

  3. Patricia Behler

    another oops day; sorry for the dup. PB


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