Better than This

Whatever the circumstances, it is always true that things could be better—and we could be better in how we respond to our circumstances. And the reality is also that sometimes we make things better, and sometimes we don’t.

What blocks you from trying to make changes in your own life or the wider world?

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One response to “Better than This

  1. Maggie

    Chronic illness–in my case, constant headaches and fatigue–has kept me away from the volunteering that I loved. I want to be back at work, but I have to get well first. I also want to resume driving lessons, but it’s not good to be on the road when you’re in pain and can hardly see straight.
    I try to be helpful to the world from home, like cleaning my closet to give to charity, or giving money as I can. I also try to practice energy and water conservation, and to use reusable products instead of disposable, like having cloth napkins at dinner, wiping up spills with cloth towels, and using reusable feminine products, like cloth pads and special panties, which are also much more comfortable than plastic pads.

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