The flower feeds the bee. The bee pollinates the flower. Who is the giver and who is the receiver?

What do you do for your own benefit that also helps someone else?

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3 responses to “Reciprocity

  1. If I see something wrong around my apt. complex, such as some trash dropped or spilled, I either pick it up or report it to the office. This hallways and common areas here are exceptionally clean. But I have learned that, if one piece of trash is left to lie, people starting getting negligent about their own trash. And it can cause accidents. So it’s better for everyone who lives or works here that we stop such things in their tracks.
    I am especially on the lookout for potential danger of damage to the structure. For example, after Harvey, I reported some locations where I saw evidence of water leakage from roof damage. Another time, I noticed that the cover for one of the water shut off valves was missing. There was a little girl frolicking around on the grass nearby. Her foot was small enough to slip into the pipe. I warned off the child, waited for her mother and pointed it out. Then reported it to the office.
    Some people around here might think I’m a fussbudget or buttinsky, but better that, than someone gets hurt and I could have prevented it.

  2. patt behler

    I pick up and re hang clothing that has been left askew or has fallen into the floor in stores. I don’t like to see items dropped, pushed aside and, to my mind, perhaps considered worthless. I find a hanger, fasten it and put it up, not always in the correct size location, but it’s up, off the floor. I also rearrange packages in grocery stores that have been misplaced on the shelves whenever I can find the correct place with the same product. It disturbs me to see things that are perhaps another price than the correct out of order and not with the same type product. All of this helps me, and other people when shopping. Also I worked retail and know the time it takes for clerks to re-shelve items.


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