Unwrapping the Gift

There’s an odd sort of joy/frustration mix in any act of unwrapping. Will the gift be what I was hoping for? Will the avocado be perfect or brown? Any moment of unwrapping is a doorway, a place of possibility where hopes are dashed or exceeded.

How do you like to unwrap gifts? Are you a paper-tearer or one who opens carefully and tidily?

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One response to “Unwrapping the Gift

  1. patt behler

    Actually, the method of opening a surprise isn’t as important, I believe, as the excitement of what it will contain. There are times when I feel not at ease opening a package in front of the giver. We have this custom in this country of having quite a display in front of a large group of people; why is this important? I much prefer to open a gift from someone in the privacy of my home and admire it that way as well as giving thanks to the giver for his/her kindness at a later time.

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