“Dory said, ‘Just keep swimming.’ But I’ve learned that if you find yourself overboard, you should just bring your knees into your chest and float to conserve energy. So my resilience tip is that floating works for me. There is wisdom in knowing when to rest and to cease from striving…that is if you want to survive.”
―Hayley Solich

When has choosing inaction been the best choice for you to make it through?

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5 responses to “Float

  1. I have been surprised at how long it is taking me to fully recover from the stress of Harvey, plus the other family matters, etc. that I had going on at the same time. A couple of days ago, my body seemed to tell me to stay off the Internet and TV and just read Harry Potter books all day. It helped tremendously, and I slept better that night than I have slept in weeks.

  2. Jen

    I am overboard right now – miscarried twins last weekend at 11 weeks and just shuttered my gallery business on Sept 1. Still have so many responsibilities, but I feel like I am flailing and sinking. Thank you for this reminder that sometimes you just need to pull in and float.

  3. patt behler

    My second bout with “perhaps it’s cancer” was a bother, but I had endured the earlier one, gone through treatment and succeeded with the help of medical personnel, so I didn’t let extra worry or fear overwhelm me.Thankfully, it wasn’t cancer after all, as the doctor said when he entered the room.


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