What We Carry

We are, all of us, carrying around the weight of old layers of the past. Those layers can teach us, but they can also be a burden.

What would you like to set down from your past?

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4 responses to “What We Carry

  1. 1. Ill feelings. I have learned that forgiveness is a (sometimes long) process of letting go of wishing ill to those who have hurt us, being able to wish them well, also letting go of wanting to teach them a lesson. It doesn’t have to mean letting them back into one’s life nor saying what they did was OK.
    I’ve been working for many years to forgive some people. I’ve let go of wishing them ill. But still working on being able to think of those past events without anger, without thinking of how I’d like to tell them off.
    2. Guilt about things I wish I had done differently with respect to my parents.

  2. patt behler

    Perhaps the load I carry is the one I inflict upon myself. Having been brought up by parents who did not demand certain types of aspirations but did have expectations about what I might achieve has cast on me a sense of guilt that I haven’t achieved what I could have. Why didn’t I take advantage of opportunities that have now been lost to me?


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