Guarding Liberty

An armed Coast Guard patrols the waters around Lady Liberty, watching diligently to prevent  those who might do her (and her admirers) harm. Yet, Lady Liberty herself stands as a beacon of inclusion, declaring that even “wretched refuse” are welcome.

How are we to balance our impulse to defend against those we don’t trust with our desire to be as broadly inclusive and welcoming as possible?

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One response to “Guarding Liberty

  1. patt behler

    I know this sounds naïve but I think that the way to try to do away with having those whom we say we don’t trust in the United States is to amplify knowledge worldwide that, regardless of what some of our leaders boast about, that is not true of our lives together as ordinary citizens. All of the positive interactions between people here who are of multiple spiritual and religious beliefs getting along together far outnumber those who don’t and resort to violence. We must, by example, and widespread information, throughout the world, let people know that we are a nation that accepts as potential citizens and friends those who want to join us in our endeavor to provide our basic freedoms for those who want to have that right .


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