Each time fireworks go off they leave behind a puff of smoke, which only gradually fades away on the wind, remaining much longer than the flash of colored light. So with our words, which remain in the minds of those who hear us well after the sound is gone.

How will you choose the shape and color of your words today so that you are pleased with the trail they leave behind?

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2 responses to “Fireworks

  1. patt behler

    May my words today fulfill several objectives! At the physical therapist, exact communication about the status of my recent treatments; to those I answer on the phone, friendliness and if at all possible, a sense of non urgency (I have time to talk with you) ;and with a younger student pursuing an advanced course of study with new professors, topics, etc., words that are positive and encouraging within the limit of my understanding of his subject of learning.

  2. What I teach (and try my best to practice) is to be especially careful about quick written communication, such as email, social media posts, and text messages. Compose it, save it, then do something else and go back and reread it before sending.


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