Get a Grip

Some situations make it very difficult to hold on. We might feel like we’re clinging to the icy side of a mountain as we deal with unemployment, illness, divorce, parenting issues, or any of countless other seemingly insurmountable problems.  Yet, one way or another, however slippery the slope, we manage to keep moving on our journeys.

What tools help you to hold on when the going get s rough?

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3 responses to “Get a Grip

  1. Meditation, visualization, cognitive behavior exercises, reaching out to friends.

  2. Maggie

    Music. Hearing it. Making it.

  3. patt behler

    Stopping, thinking about “IT”, asking others if necessary, and then trying to establish a priority in what to do first, second (Plan B), and so on….eventually, one gets somewhere, either to success or failure, but it’s important to follow a path…

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