Puppy Pile

It might not be your idea of comfort to sleep with someone lying on your head, and some of us are downright phobic of being crammed together in tight quarters. But there is something enormously sweet as well as terrifying about such intimacy, about letting go of boundaries and defenses so that it is hard to tell where one being leaves off and the other begins.

With what group do you feel the greatest intimacy?

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One response to “Puppy Pile

  1. patt behler

    I discovered some time ago that I have a phobia about being with otheers in an intimate group. Once in Guatemala I was part of a outdoor crowd listening to music and it was so tightly packed that I was in a panic to get myself out of the gathering. I suppose that , judging from the puppy picture, I can enjoy a group of baby animals together, caressing them, but that is about my limit in enjoying groups.

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