Not So Pink Flamingos

Their vivid pink color is such a central part of how we think of flamingos that they are often referred to as “pink flamingos,” as if their color were part of their very name. But other qualities, like their spindly legs, long necks and curved bills, are really more crucial to what makes a flamingo a flamingo.

In what ways do you go against the expectations people have of you based on the family or groups you belong to?

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One response to “Not So Pink Flamingos

  1. patt behler

    This is a difficult question for me to answer; I am in an area were there are large families interacting together. I do not have large family ties and they are half way across the country. However, I think some expect that I have closer family ties, even though I do have some. The groups I belong to expect me to participate , as I do, and sometimes they expect me to lead, which is also a sometime thing.


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