Ducks in a Clump

Some days you manage to get all your ducks in a row, everything neatly organized and moving as planned. But some days your ducks are in more of a clump, frantically paddling to get to the next place, even if you’re not sure where that next place might be.

How do you re-center on the days when your ducks refuse to arrange themselves neatly

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3 responses to “Ducks in a Clump

  1. I love this! It’s like so many days — a lot to do and no obvious way to organize things.

    When that happens, I use the “bird by bird” technique. It works, proving that ad-hoc can be as effective as thinking something fully through. Maybe planning is not always as important as just getting started.

  2. patt behler

    The first thing I do when I realize that it’s going to be “one of those days” is to laugh, perhaps with a bit of irony, but recognizing that that’s the plate life hands us. SIDE BAR: Another view of preplanning that I’ve heard of from a friend is this: he planned his day with recognizing the end of his day (bedtime) and then planning what he expected to happen from that morning on during the allotted time. Of course it didn’t always work, but surprisingly it often did.

  3. Julie Steinbach

    love the Bird by Bird idea, Sue – tnx!


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