In the Crowd

Lots of beings, from humans to jellies, like to hang out in groups, whether we know one another or not. Even introverts will seek out coffee shops or public parks where they can be around people—even if they never speak.

Where do you like to be in the company of strangers?

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3 responses to “In the Crowd

  1. patt behler

    I like to be at bus stations, train stations, airports and doctors’ office. I’m a people watcher and I really feel joy or feel sadness when I sit and observe people who are there with me but very likely don’t know that I am devising stories about who they are and what else I can imagine about them.

  2. Fireworks displays, plays, shopping (but not when it’s really crowded).

  3. Maggie

    One of my favorite memories was attending a rock concert when I was in college. I went into Boston alone, on the train from Worcester. At the concert, I met a few people I’d “met” on the band’s message board. When the concert ended, I was in a herd of fans was going to the same subway stop. We somehow crammed ourselves onto one subway car and we talked about the amazing concert we had just experienced.
    Maybe that band has the best fans and puts on the best shows, but I always feel a “communion”, a special energy in the crowd of strangers at those concerts.


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