All the Colors

There’s something irresistible about a big box of crayons. Even if your picture isn’t going to use all those colors, it’s still nice to know that they are there.

How is your creativity enhanced by broader access to resources?

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4 responses to “All the Colors

  1. Sigrid

    While access to multiple resources confers a certain creative confidence, I think it’s the truly creative person who can achieve more with much less. Think of the Wright Brothers…

  2. Patricia Behler

    Righto! When I attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn for my Master’s in Art Education, my course requirements were a combination of laboratory art and classes in the creativity spark between science and the humanities. There’s definitely a connection!

  3. Patricia Behler

    Since my training in the graphic art world took place ages ago, I have seen a major transformation in (1) materials that are available and used and (2) the messages intended to be offered to the viewer as well as (3) the formats. It is a challenge to me to welcome all of these aspects but at times, challenging to realize the changes .

  4. I don’t have to think long. That would be the internet. It can get tricky because one should not e-mail or text on auto pilot. Some conversations require face-to-face, or at least telephone, contact. And one has to be careful when doing research to check sources and look for multiple articles on the same point. (Thought many people don’t take these precautions)
    But remember when research meant looking for books in the card catalogue and going to pull them off the library shelves? And you only had access to those books that library had, or you could wait till they borrowed it from another library? And you sent out a paper only to learn that newer sources had been published but weren’t yet in the catalogue?


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