St. Patrick’s Day

The story goes that St. Patrick drove the snakes (perhaps a symbol of the pagans) out of Ireland. Somehow it seems like we might be better off with a holiday in honor of someone who specialized in welcoming in, rather than driving off.

Who have you made a point of welcoming in?

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One response to “St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Patricia Behler

    I have a sense of support and communication with physically and sometimes mentally disabled persons. Many times I try to communicate with them in stores, etc. I almost always say “Hello” to a visually impaired person. One of my best friends was Freida, who was a cerebral palsied victim but we had several levels of ways to communicate and I still remember her with great fondness. Another of my close friends is Rick, severe visual impairment, because we can always joke together “Are you or I going to drive today?” is one of our favorite jokes. He always has a quick witty response. I hope he feels the same way about that as I do.


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