A Gentle Path

PathwayThere is much to be said for the amazing views at the top of a rigorous mountain climb, but there’s also a lot in favor of a gentle walk in the woods, with nothing more remarkable before you than the repeating trees and the green grass.

What is a reliable source of ease and comfort for you?

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5 responses to “A Gentle Path

  1. Arlene

    My walk involves a round dirt and pavement path…either I am humming to myself and the dog Spekles…or looking down for a Zen walk and letting go of thoughts.

  2. Arlene

    A dirt walk loop great for Zen laps

  3. Martin

    Nothing brings me “ease and comfort” reliably, but something bring them fairly often: using my biofeedback devise, cuddling with my dogs, and relaxing in my bed.

  4. Ellyn R Kern

    We often walk the tree and grass paths on our property. You could look at it as remarkable or not depending how one looks upon their life surroundings.


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