PromiseCakeIt’s a rare person who never worries about being deserted – abandoned by someone we love, or by good fortune itself. But we are just as likely to be dessert-ed – gifted with something sweet that we never expected.

How have you been dessert-ed?

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3 responses to “Dessertion

  1. Elisabeth

    This creative post has desserted me. Lovely… :-)

  2. Anita Larsen

    When I enrolled in a 10-month course on leadership, I expected to learn a lot of tools, techniques, etc. The big payoff, however, was finding 22 new friends, people I expect to be connected with for the rest of my life. What a gift!

  3. Nicki Hamilton

    When I went into Mayo Clinic last month for major surgery, I told no one in town that I even had a problem. I did tell the Fitness Center that I had to suspend my membership for a month. How stunned was I, when I returned home a week later, to get a phone call from my Zumba teacher. She didn’t know what the problem was but knew I was going into the hospital and had been thinking of me and missing me in class. Brought tears to my eyes.

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