At Peace on the Edge

We tend to think of finding our way in life as tension-filled, a precarious path that we tread with caution and difficulty. But when our lives are truly in balance then we can relax into a sense of rightness and contentment, appreciating the place where we are right now.

What part of your life feels the most balanced and relaxed?

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One response to “At Peace on the Edge

  1. Martin

    It’s so tempting to say there’s nothing in my life that feels balanced and relaxed. However, if I really think about it, some things sorta feel that way.

    My relationship with my dogs is going well, and I feel fairly well about how they are being cared for – minus the medical expenses that will come tomorrow, but even those shouldn’t be an absolute catastrophe. I worry and feel inadequate as a caretaker. Still, overall things are going well, and I think the balance between their wants/needs and my wants/needs is generally good.

    My “work” life is also relatively balanced. I go often enough and long enough to get some structure in my week, socialization, and a little extra cash, but I still get plenty of less structured time at home so that I’m not completely overwhelmed and so that I can get other things done.

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